What Is Child Molestation?

A variety of sexual acts fall under the umbrella term of “child sex abuse.” Child molestation is one of those sexual acts and, as a sexual act, can involve the following touching behaviors:

  • A child’s sexual organs being fondled or touched.
  • A child being forced to touch an adult’s sexual organs.
  • A child’s anus or vagina being penetrated with an object.

Outside of those touching behaviors, child molestation can also include the following non-touching behaviors:

  • An adult exposing themselves to a child.
  • A child being exposed to pornography.
  • An adult taking pornographic photos of a child.

Each one of these touching and non-touching behaviors is considered child molestation and, as such, is a crime within the state of California.Importantly, a minor cannot consent to any form of sexual activity. For this reason, any form of sexual activity that involves a child is a crime.

What Are The Laws Regarding Child Molestation In California?

The state of California takes child molestation very seriously. Several penal codes within the state legislature are dedicated to child molestation and the charges that go with it.

Some of the most notable charges that can come from a child molestation conviction in California are as follows:

  • Any individual who molests a child under the age of fourteen is committing a felony sex crime that can result in up to eight years in state prison.
  • Any individual who molests at least three children under the age of fourteen or the same child three times within a period of three months or longer can be sentenced to up to sixteen years in state prison.
  • Any individual who molests a child under the age of fourteen can be sentenced to up to one year in county jail.

Each one of these laws is active within the state of California. But, to make use of these laws, the victim of child molestation must make their case in an effective manner.

Who Is Liable For Child Molestation Charges?

Every child molestation case is, on some level, rooted in one individual’s decision to commit an act of child sex abuse.

But, with that being said, the reality is slightly more complicated.

Many child molestation victims - and many child sex abuse victims, in general - are victimized by those who work for particular organizations and institutions.

Some of these organizations and institutions may include:

  • A school district
  • A church or religious organization
  • The Boy Scouts Of America
  • The Girl Scouts Of The U.S.A.
  • A youth camp
  • A sports team or sports organization
  • A hospital, clinic or medical practice
  • The Boys & Girls Club

Children who were molested by employees or representatives from within one of these organizations/institutions can file charges against the specific individual who molested them.

But, they can also file charges against the organization/institution that this individual worked for, as they, too, may be liable for this child sexual abuse.

The act of filing charges against a more prominent organization/institution that is liable for an act of child sexual abuse will make it easier to:

  • Receive compensation for any injuries or other related damages caused by the child molestation.
  • Ensure that the perpetrator no longer works for that organization/institution.

The specifics regarding liability, as it pertains to a child molestation case, vary from case to case. Sometimes a particular organization/institution cannot be held liable for the child molestation that has occurred.

No matter what, the person who committed the abuse is liable for this abuse, and, as such, charges can and should, be filed against them.

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