How Can You Teach Your Kids About Child Sexual Abuse?

Many people are reluctant to discuss child sexual abuse. To this day, there is a stigma around discussing child sexual abuse and, in many cases, seeking justice for this abuse.

To combat the stigma surrounding child sexual abuse, you can teach your children what constitutes sexual abuse.You can also explain to them that if they are ever abused in this fashion, you are there for them.

How Can You Teach Your Kids About Child Sexual Abuse?

Every action outlined below will allow you to teach your children about child sexual abuse and, in turn, demonstrate to your children that they can always come to you if they’ve been victimized.

Speak To Your Kids About Child Sexual Abuse

Speak to your children about what child sexual abuse is and the various acts it constitutes. Some of the actions that constitute child sexual abuse are as follows:

  • An adult using sexually graphic language while speaking to a child.
  • An adult/child fondling a child.
  • An adult exposing themselves to a child.
  • An adult engaging in sexual intercourse with a child.
  • An adult showing pornographic material to a child.
  • An adult producing/sharing pornographic material that contains images/videos of children.

Right after you go over these acts, tell your children that, no matter what, you will believe them if they say that they’ve been abused. You must also let them know that you will help them seek justice. Speaking with a child sexual abuse lawyer can help with this.

Show Them That Child Sexual Abuse Is A Crime

Child sexual abuse, in any form, is a crime. A crime that every victim can and should seek justice for.

To demonstrate this to your children, you can:

  • Go over the laws regarding child sexual abuse.
  • Talk to them about filing a sexual abuse claim.
  • Assure them that if they ever need to file a claim and go to court, you will support them.

Each of these actions will help your children learn that if they are ever the victim of child sexual abuse, they will be able to seek justice for those criminal acts.

Go Over The Signs Of Child Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse is a destructive act that, more often than not, leaves signs. Some of the most common signs are as follows:

  • Strange changes in behavior, such as a formerly outgoing child becoming withdrawn.
  • Sudden bursts of unexplained aggression and/or anger.
  • Anxiety and fearfulness.
  • Unexplained injuries on parts of the body that should not be bruised.

None of these signs alone mean that a child has been sexually abused. But, at the same time, they are common signs that can indicate some form of child sexual abuse has taken place.

Go over these signs with your children and tell them to let you know if they think a friend or acquaintance has been sexually abused.

Speak With A Child Sexual Abuse Lawyer Today

Every victim of a child sexual abuse crime should receive justice for what has happened to them.

Speak with a child sexual abuse attorney at the Law Offices of Mark Yablonovich today. We will assist you in putting together an effective case and achieving the best possible legal outcome.

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