Who is Liable for Child Molestation?
Sexual abuse of children is all too common, and its causes are often systemic. There have been numerous instances in which employers of perpetrators covered up dozens, if not hundreds, of cases of child sexual abuse.

Cover-ups like these are severely punished in California and throughout the United States.

The following is an overview of the parties that can be held liable for instances of child abuse and molestation.

Sexual Abuse Cover-Ups

Victims of sexual abuse often commit their crimes in environments where they know they will probably get away with it. These environments can be found in religious institutions, universities, hospitals, and other places where powerful individuals silence those with less power. There are an unfortunate number of well-known cases of sexual abuse cover-ups. For example:

  • The Catholic Church covered up hundreds of cases of sex abuse committed by priests.
  • Former gynecologist George Tyndall committed dozens of acts of sexual misconduct that were not handled correctly by the University of Southern California.
  • Brian Houston, founder of Hillsong Church, was charged in 2021 with covering up sexual abuse within the church.

Who is Accountable for Sexual Abuse?

Liability for sexual abuse may be the responsibility of several parties, particularly if the abuse is concentrated in one institution. The existence of such a phenomenon implies that the abuse is widely known and has been allowed to continue behind a veil of secrecy in order to avoid scandal.

For instance, if an institution, such as a church or university, covered up a perpetrator’s sexual abuse, the perpetrator and anyone involved with the cover-up may be held responsible for damages.

In particular, California courts have the power to triple damages when sexual abuse occurs in conjunction with a cover-up attempt or a successful cover-up. Other courts throughout the country may provide additional damages too.

The following damages may be recovered from liable parties by survivors of sexual abuse:

  • Physical and emotional suffering
  • Past and future medical expenses associated with physical injuries
  • Past and future therapy and counseling for anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder related to the abuse
  • Survivors’ past and future lost wages due to their inability to find or maintain meaningful employment as a result of the abuse

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