Class Actions

Big companies often take advantage of their employees and customers. Whether it’s failing to provide meal and rest breaks at proper intervals, charging excessive fees, false advertising or selling you a defective product, unethical behavior is all too common in our society. What’s worse, such conduct often goes unpunished — and uncompensated — because the damage to any one individual may be too small for a lawyer to take the case. In these situations, class actions are the best avenue to make sure justice is done and workers and consumers are fully compensated for violations of the law.

Mark Yablonovich has been at the forefront of representing plaintiffs in California and federal class actions. He has been certified as class counsel in dozens of cases representing hundreds of thousands of class members. Attorneys at the Law Offices of Mark Yablonovich are well versed in the latest developments in class action litigation and continue to pursue the resolution of common claims among numerous individuals in both the consumer and employment context.

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